Ayatul Kursi

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Verse 255 of Surah-e-Baqarah (chapter: The cow) in Holy Quran is called Ayat Al-Kursi. Ayat-ul-Kursi is one of the greatest and most sacred ayahs of Quran. It can help a person submit to the Greatness of Allah, find refuge from the attacks of Satan, and above all a means of ensuring Jannah in the life hereafter. Therefore, it is imperative that a Muslim memorizes Ayat-ul-Kursi and whenever a chance is available should recite it and become one of the blessed ones.

Holy prophet (SAWW) said: whoever recites the first 4 ayats of Surae Baqarah, then Ayatul Kursi and then the last 3 ayats of Surah e Baqarah, will not be inflicted with any kind of difficulty in his wealth or himself, Satan will not come near him and he will not forget the Qur’an.

Holy Prophet (SAWW) said: Qur’an is a great word, and Surae Baqarah is the leader of the Qur’an and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surae Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word there are 50 blessings and good in it.

One who recites Ayatul Kursi every morning will be in the protection, safety of Allah until the night.
If one ties this to ones wealth or children, they will be safe from Satan

Our Holy Prophet (SAWW) has said: These things increase ones memory: sweets, meat of an animal near the neck, Adas (Lentils), cold bread and recitation of Ayatul Kursi.

For those of our dear ones who have passed away, recitation of Ayatul Kursi and giving it as Hadiya to them, gives them light (noor) in the grave.

Frequent recitation makes ones own death easy.

When leaving home, if one recites it once, the Almighty has one group of Angels to come and protect you. If recited twice, 2 groups of Angels are assigned to do this. If recited 3 times Allah tells the Angels not to worry as the Almighty himself takes care of him.

The Holy Prophet has said: If one recites Ayatul Kursi before going to sleep, Allah will send an Angel to come and look after you and protect

When one is alone in the house, recitation of Ayatul Kursi and asking Allah for help will make you remain calm and you will not fear.

The Holy Prophet has said: When leaving home,if one recites Ayatul Kursi, then Allah will send 70,000 Angels to do Istighfaar for him until he returns home, and upon his return Poverty will be removed from him.

If one recites this after performing Wudhoo, the 5th Imam Hadhrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) has said: Allah will give him a reward of 40 years of Ibadaat, his position will be raised in the Heavens 40 times (levels) and will marry him to 40 Horains.

One who recites it after every prayer, their salaat will be accepted, they will remain in the safety of the Almighty and He will protect them.

Allah told Prophet Musa (AS): If one recites it after every salaat, the Almighty will make his heart a thankful one (Shakireen), will give him a reward of the prophets, and his deeds will be like those of the truthful (Siddiqeen)

To increase light or vision (noor) in the eyes, recite Surae Alhamd once, then Ayatul Kursi and then once the following dua:- “U-eedhu nora basaree binuril lahi alladhi la yutfaa”, “I seek refuge for the light of my eyes by the light of Allah(SWT), which does not become extinguished”.

Five Important Qualities of Reciting Ayat ul Kursi

– Recite Ayat ul Qursi at the time of leaving house because 70000 angels protect person from left, right, front and back and if a person dies before returning he will get 70 martyrs reward
– Recite Ayat ul Qursi every time after returning home because it keeps away poverty.
– Recite Ayat ul Qursi every night at bed, this creates one angel who will guard the person till morning
– Recite Ayat ul Qursi every time after doing ablution (wuzu) this will raise person 40 times in rank from each word
– Recite Ayat ul Qursi 40 times every day at the time of sunset, person will get reward of 40 hajj


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