Ramadan 2017 Timings

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Ramadan 2017 is a comprehensive app for the Muslims around the globe, a very useful app to follow Holy Ramadan Schedule as it consists of complete Ramadan Calendar with Suhur/Iftar timings for all over the world. User just needs to set his location or let the app to find location automatically and it shows the Complete Ramadan Calendar along with prayer timings based on the location. It never let user miss his prayers because of its essential feature of prayer and Suhur/iftar alert.

Using Ramzan Timings Calendar 2017 app user can get different type of Ramadan Blessings with some Suhur/Iftar dua, Hadith and Ayah of the Holy Quran.

People can read different Du’a, Ayah and listen Na’at of their choice. It helps the Muslims to find Qibla direction before they start their prayers. It also consists of 99 names of Allah, Important Islamic Days of Islamic year, Some Islamic wallpapers in High Quality and different Recipes for women. With almost 12 different features which helps all Muslim brother and sister in daily life.

~~Ramadan App Features~~

1- Ramadan Time and Calendar

– App shows daily Suhur/Iftar time to start and end fasting.
– Set Suhur and Iftar time alerts
– App shows whole months Suhur and Iftar time in readable table format
– Show Place name and Ramadan 2017 timing according to city
– Set location Manually with Country database

2- Prayer Time

– Show five Muslim Prayer Times, Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and isha’a

3- Ramadan blessings

– Collection of authentic statements of the Allah’s Messenger
– Show Authentic Ayah, Hadith and Du’a on the daily basis
– Show Different Facts about Daily Life
– Different Authentic Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny)

4- Qibla Compass

– Find Accurate Mecca Direction From the any part of the world.

5- 99 Names of Allah

– List of 99 Allah Names with English Meaning and full description to understand easily
– Asmaul Husna Audio Sounds for all names

6- Sehar O Aftar Duas

– Ramadan Dua in Arabic with English and Urdu meanings

7- Listen Naats

– You can listen Naats of different Qaris

8- Important Islamic Days

– People can see all Islamic Days of the Year 2017

9- Wallpapers

– People can get different Islamic Wallpapers in HD Quality

10- Recipes

– There are many types of different recipes with Ingredients and full Preparation Description.

~~How to use App~~

To set Suhur O Iftar Alert or change the region, tap on Setting icon and you can also set the Alarm tone by your own choice.

To see how much time left in Suhur/Iftar, tap on Home Button.

To see prayers timings of the current date, select the second option “Prayer Timings” from the menu bar.

To read Different Ramadan Blessings and Suhur/Iftar Dua, select “Ramadan Blessings and Suhur/Iftar Dua “option from the menu bar.

You can download different wallpapers, see different recipes by clicking on “Wallpaper and Recipe” Option from the menu bar.

~~The Importance of Ramadan~~

A month of Ramadan is very important role in your own life. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, When Muslims fast during daylight hours. Ramadan is often called ‘Month of the Quran’ Because in this Month, the Quran was Revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny), a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and criterion between right and wrong.

Ramadan is important because in this month the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained up in Hell. Muslims Fast for 29-30 days in this month and pay their duty as it is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam.

“Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny) was asked: ‘O’ Prophet of Allah! which of the two months possesses a greater reward, Rajab or the month of Ramadan? Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny) replied: Nothing can be compared to the month of Ramadan in terms of reward.” – Bihar al-Anwar, Vol 97 pg. 49.

Have very blessed Ramadan.

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